Investment Initiatives in Legalized Cannabis Market

Kingsley began investing in the emerging legalised cannabis market in 2015, and is the only investment firm outside of the US to do so on a formal basis

Kingsley is the only firm to take a global approach to the legalised cannabis market (growth is across the world, not just the US) and has founded two cannabis focused operating companies: Forma Holdings and Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies.

Should you be interested in investing in this high-growth sector, please contact for more information.

Forma Holdings

Sector: Legalised Medical Cannabis
Business: A corporate operating in two divisions: Retail and Cultivation and Life Sciences

About: With offices in London and Los Angeles, Forma Holdings is an international corporation operating in legalised medical cannabis markets. Kingsley cofounded Forma and in 2016, a subsequent fundraising round into the company was completed.
Forma has now closed several asset acquisitions in the US. Please see company website for more information.

Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies

Sector: Pharmaceuticals
Business: a cannabinoid focused biotechnology firm, launched in conjunction with Oxford university

About: OCT was founded in 2017. With it research partner, Oxford University, OCT is studying the molecular properties of cannabinoids and will look to bring a range of cannabinoid-derived medication to the market